Our April 14 Book Club meeting — 2 to 4 p.m. — Klaus Heimburg will present

Our April 14 Book Club meeting — 2 to 4 p.m. — Klaus Heimburg will present
1) Guidelines for Red-Blue Conversations
2) Civics 102
In Klaus’ words: “I have not had much success in talking to friends who are conservative, Republican, or otherwise anti-government (the Red persuasion). In thinking about my failures, I realize that part of the time it was my fault for lack of adequate “psychic preparation” for the conversation, and part of the time it was because my conversation partner and I didn’t have enough of a common footing for our conversation.
I have put together a summary of my thoughts on both of these aspects. For the “psychic preparation” portion, I have a list of “Guidelines for a Red Blue Conversation”. For the missing common understanding aspect, I have compiled a list of common understandings/perspectives which I am calling “Civics 102.” If Civics 101 is about the three branches of government and the designed-in checks and balances between them, Civics 102 is a list of ideas which brings checks and balances into the modern age of political economy, and tempers the ideal with the real.Please note: I am not an expert in either of the two subject areas, nor have I researched them. This collection of ideas grew out of my trying to figure out why I find constructive red blue conversations such a challenge. It is a work in progress.”

The location is the usual Room A/B, Huntsville main library. Posted by Travis H

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