March 18 monthly humanist meeting — conference room second floor

The monthly humanist meeting on March 18 will be in a different library room: The Conference Room on the second floor, on the wall opposite the entrance to the main second floor reference room. It’s labeled the Huntsville Library Foundation Conference Room. The table is very long. Please find a seat at the end near the entrance. Usual time, 2 to 3:30.

March is Women’s History Month. You are invited to discuss “Broad Band” – women in computing, a conversation Zeke Cummings started at book club March 11 – Ada Loveless, Grace Hopper, Hidden Figures, and others. Also suggested, ‘women teachers I have admired’ and generally ‘women I have admired and why.’ And ‘Are women better leaders and why?’

These topics are a consensus of the suggestions that were requested by Trav and send to him.

The library is the main Huntsville-Madison County Public Library, Huntsville, Alabama.

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